Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating for Christmas This Year

I had seen this Christmas tree on the Blog Starfish and Sundresses my tree won't be this interesting this year. The colors and patterns are great. The bright striped Christmas ornaments are fantastic, plus the fun animals in the tree what a great look.

My Notting Hill Image

I this wreath from My Notting Hill Blog gave me a starting place for this years wreath. It was fun to do something different bow for the wreath this year and have gotten so many comments on it. I chose to use the gold colored ribbons because my mom loves to leave the wreaths up for the birds to nest in. Plus we seem to take forever to take down the decorations so the wreath will be up till mid Jan.
My Front Door

Oh my gosh I can't believe that this fox popped into the yard today! I noticed her creeping along the side of the house and when she stopped at the stairs we just had to get a picture. At one point she turned around and looked at us. Plus taunting poor Vinnie all he wanted to do was play and just hang with her.
Fox in the backyard

Let's see I think that is all for today and sorry for not updating as much as a should have the past couple of days but I guess Christmas can do that to you. I might update later today because we are finally bring the tree into the house but we might only get the lights on.

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