Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2 of fruit cleanse

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I must be stuck in a post Hawaii hangover, I'm planning to visit again asap there is no place like it maybe moving down there would be a good option for me. It seems strange to me that a month of go the family was all there, it has been so cold it seems like a dream. This picture is from the poi fields in Hawaii and made me think that I would probably be able to eat poi if I liked the way it tasted. But I didn't try it while there. Today has been a lot better not so hungry and not craving other foods as much. Eating avocado earlier in the day really seems to help, the cravings for the carbs seem to come from a need for protein. So I'm more then half way done and I can totally manage this. I'm so surprised that I have made it this far. Well that's all for to night kind of sleepy after a busy day of work x2 and yoga.

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