Friday, December 30, 2011

Finding your voice

How do you find your voice again after you have lost it? I don’t mean losing it after being sick or yelling too much. I mean when you lose what you want to say to the world. All my life I had always thought I knew where I was going, but lately I have no idea. I have lost my balance and I don’t know which way is up or the direction I should be going. It frustrates me that I have been done with college for a year and half and I still don’t have a fulltime job. Everyone keeps telling me that thing will get better and I know it will and I’m not just going to take a job just to say I have a full time job it has to be a good fit for me and the company. I have also seem to have lost my creativity along with my voice, I’m not sure what I want to create. I can’t seem to figure out what medium is what I really love. Do I want to depend on my abilities as an artist for my income or do I just want to create because I enjoy the process. But at least I think I know where my blog is headed. It will focus onmy finding my voice again.  I will start by sharing some of my photographs and sketchbook entries or interesting things that I find on pinterest. 

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