Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So yesterday was my 24th birthday and I can't believe where the time has gone. I have been MIA for the past couple of days because I have had this awful cold that I can't shake but I'm finally up and moving again.

But back to yesterday it probably wasn't one of my finer birthday but it helped me to figure out where I'm "goingish" but I was reminded by God that I can plan but ultimately he is the one that is in control. I tried so hard to make my birthday cake from scratch which ended up being a total flop from the cake batter to the frosting. I have realized that I really don't know how to bake from scratch  and it isn't as simple as reading the directions. So I'm sharing a picture of my salvaged cake thanks to my lovely mother who has to put up with me when things don't go as planned. So I'm going to have to make a sign for the kitchen that says "when things don't right, it will be ok and I won't freak out". Yesterday was one of my mis adventures.

Lovely Cake that we had for breakfast today 

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