Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet 16

16 is a big milestone, it means learning to drive, dates and half way through high school.  The first weekend of March was my youngest cousin's sweet sixteen party. I can't believe she is that old now makes me feel old and I'm not even that old!!! It is amazing to see how she has grown from this little girl that my mom brought to the 1st day of kindergarden to this beautiful young lady. This big milestone for her comes at a bitter sweet price, since her mother my aunt passed away 10 years ago of breast cancer. But in only the way my cousin could she honored the fact that Karen was there with us in spirit, by reading a lovely poem/ letter and then light a candle. Bittersweetness aside the party was such a wonderful way to celebrate my cousin's birth. The theme was ultra violate and the attire was semi formal and she wore this beautiful purple dress. There were also fun favors for everyone of glow necklaces which my 2nd cousin is wearing around her neck in the picture below. But then there where these cool glasses that lit up. On the tables there where this interesting glowing arrangements.

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