Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy Weekend

Busy as ever, always seems to happen in the spring everything seems to happen. But I did find time todo a little shopping at anthro, lululemon, and beyond the rack. At anthro I found this amazing skirt that I probably spent to much on, hey you only live once why not enjoy pretty things. I didn't bother taking picture of the work out clothes from lululemon even though they are so cute, I'm so obsessed with their workout gear so comfy and cute. The last thing that I bought was RayBan sunglasses and they are awesome, can't believe that I spent $100 on them! I will have to be extra careful with them b/c my dad and brother have a habit of breaking my sunglasses some how.  

Detail of the skirt from anthro.

On Friday I left for the beach in Northeast MD. It was a little chilly and grey but the property that we were staying on was stunning. This was the tree lined drive in, and the house sat right on the water, where we could watch the barges coming in, and there was even a bald eagles nest. I'm always taken a back by them, and how large they really are. We didn't go in the water but we did walk along the beach and find tons of sea glass I will have to post a picture when I figure out what I'm going to do with all of it.  Once I finally got home on Sunday afternoon my lovely dog Vinnie wouldn't leave my side followed me every where. I think he was afraid I would sneak out the door on him. So I leave you with a cute picture of him on my bed. 

Sleepy Vinnie 

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