Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ENT/ Allergist first visit

I'm headed off to the ENT/ Allergist today, should be interesting, I'm hoping that things will finally be figured out about why I have been getting so many sinus infections, and what I'm allergic to so I can be treated properly. Since january 2012 I have been more sick then I have ever been in my entire life, such a strange thing for me and I have been down for the count for a while. Normally I don't like going to doctors and I'm always worried that its going to be something challenging to treat. But things have gotten so bad with my allergies that I don't even want to spend time outside and I have cut back on workout because my head starts to pound and I'm so itchy. I will keep you posted on my progress with the ENT/ Allergist. So I leave you with a pretty picture from my favorite place.

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