Friday, June 15, 2012

Memphis Taproom

One of my families favorite restaurants/ bars in Philly is the Memphis Taproom. We love going to this restaurant in fishtown on our way home from church in kensington. They use tons of local ingredients, the food is so fresh and it has a unique atmosphere, and blending of cultures. The Memphis Taproom is vegan, vegetarian and meat lover friendly. If you are going to go with a group of people, make sure that you have the whole group with you or you won't be seat until they all show up. I have to say I really like that rule, keeps things fair for everyone since it is very small restaurant. 

Roasted cocco nut, and it tastes like bacon 

My breakfast of eggs over easy, home fries and toast yum.

Beer Mimosas with a whit beer and orange juice 

Fried strawberries, so good only thing that could've made it better ice cream

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