Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Reading 2012

Lately I have been really into mystery novels, thanks to one of the book clubs that I'm a part of. The book club is really neat because we are a group on Facebook of different ages and from all over the world, so we all bring really unique questions and ideas to the table. Only thing that would make it better is if we could all be sitting around drinking a glass of wine, eating and talking about the book. But any ways back to the books, and they are from the Bess Crawford Mysteries series by Charles Todd. So far there are only four and book club started with the 3rd book A Bitter Truth. The books are all set during World War 1 and Bess the main Character is a nurse and she seems to just fall into these strange events. The books are an easy read and stand on there own so you can start anywhere in the series. It also fits very well with Downton Abbey because all of the period clothing and detail is fresh in your head. The books are on amazon or barnes and noble depending on which you like better.

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