Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where has she been

I have been so busy lately and all over the place. My most recent trip was to CT to work on my Aunt's to company. Doing head shots, web design and just having a blast hanging out. Here are some pictures of the area I was in it was so beautiful even though its almost mud season. It was nice to go away for a little, sometimes a change of scenery can help clear your head so you can be more creative.

While there I was able to finally pick out my graduation gift. Plus get a few little presents because our family is big on just getting presents just because. So I got this pink jelly watch which is so cute.

We also stopped by the j. crew outlet and I got a cute shirt, skirt, and dress. The dress worked great for one of my interviews dressy but not as formal as a suit.

But the big present was a Kate Spade bag. Its so cute and practical my ipad fits, phone, small mole skin sketchbook, bag of pens, wallet, small bag of lip gloss, medicine, mints and a small mole skin calendar.
I have used it everyday since I got it. Works great for professional obligations, and running errands around town.

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