Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Weekend trips

Sorry I have been MIA again spring and summer seem to speed up and be jam packed with tons of things. My latest adventure was up to NH to visit my grandmother. So here are some of the pictures I took while there.

The open road in MA

The sky in VT

Lilacs in full bloom and smelling wonderful 

White violets since I'm a zeta I couldn't help myself

Vinnie went with us everywhere

If my parents had a house in NH it would be like this one

The lamp in the hallway of my grandmothers house

The best breakfast oatmeal buttermilk batter pancakes with different fillings of blueberries, chocolate chip, and coconut all in different pancakes

This is where I had the awesome pancakes at Polly's Pancake Parlor and its only open during the spring and summer months

Then we head to MA to visit more family and you have to get ice cream at Kimballs

Baked apple from the Common Man back in NH so good

Clearing from the rain

Rainbow by my Grandmothers house 

A sign on the way to my grandmothers house, only in NH could you get away with this.

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