Monday, March 26, 2012

March Birchbox

I finally got my first Birchbox, and it took forever to get it. At one point I was looking at the package tracking info and it's being sent all the way to Missouri. I'm very happy w/ the products that are in the box but I'm still a little annoyed that the boxes comes out of NYC and I live in Philly, there was no reason for the box to take so long to get to me. I'm given them 2 more months but if it takes just as long, I might cancel the service.

I have tried most everything in the box and I really like the Jouer moisturizing tint, it blends in with my bare mineral makeup an extra plus it has sunscreen in it, pretty sure I'm going to buy it. The hair elixir orofluido is also great it helps to tame my hair on those rainy spring days. I do also enjoy the nail polish and I'm sure it will work well with my nail pens so stay tuned for more nail designs.

Outside of the box 
What was included in the box this month 
When you first open the box 
All the goodies 


  1. I just signed up for one - saw it on another blog!!!! hopefully they'll invite me soon :)

    1. It is worth it it just took so long to get. We will have to compare boxes once yours starts. I think it took around a month till I got invited.



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