Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April birchbox

I'm really enjoying this months birchbox, So far I have used everything except for the perfume b/c I my few signature scents and I'm not planing on changing them up anytime soon. The Hand salve is a little greasy for me but it works really well. I have been keeping the willa wipes in my night stand and they work pretty well I just wished they smelled more like lavender. I like the Zoya nail polish color but it doesn't last 50% longer then traditional nail polish, without a top coat it lasted one day  and with a sally hansen top coat is lasted me 2 days. It lasted about the same as any of my other nail polishes, I'm also pretty hard on my nails b/c of the jobs that I have. I was kind of excited about the laundry drops, they will be great to stick in my suitcase case when traveling. It was more exciting to find out that they are made in the USA and by a local company. Pretty impressive when everything else seems to be made in China. I'm also pretty happy that it came mid month this time, not like last time months where it was almost April. 

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