Monday, April 23, 2012

Bento Lunch Box

Love this lunch box! I have been trying to be more green and I always loved the bento boxes but the ones at the grocery store are so expensive. But in the tupperware aisle I found this fit and fresh box, and the bag is one of the built lunch bags and that is awesome as well because it keeps things super cold. But back to the box, I like that is has little boxes that you can put something crunch, salad, yogurt or desert. Then there is an icepack level and keeps a space for a sandwich. Or I was even thinking that you could do salad in the box as well because the dry fixings could be in one of the smaller boxes and then the dressing in the other. Finished with the lettuce, protein, and other veggies on the bottom layer. I have also fit a kid size chobani and 1/2 a sandwich in the bottom.


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