Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NYC day

I went to NYC the other day and it was totally fabulous as usual we went to pearls river market. It is a great store for jackets, accessories, and tableware. Then over to Topshop which I haven't been in since the last time I was in London. In another post I will share what I bought at the different stores. Afterwards we went to lunch at Balthazar and on the way saw this cool sewing machine window. I love eating at Balthazar's because it makes me feel like I'm in this jam packed cafe in Paris. Not that I have been to Paris and know what its like but its nice to imagine. Whenever we go there I get the steak fritz and the profiteroles, so yummy. The other great thing is its loud so know one can really over hear what you are saying. The last picture that I'm leaving you with is my nails with a lovely brichbox nail polish but the ring is a fun accessory from Top Shop.

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