Saturday, May 12, 2012

May's Birchbox

So I have come to realize that I really enjoy getting my birchbox in the mail each month. Not just because I like the products that come, but I love having fun mail instead of bills or bank statements. I was a little surprised when I collected the mail yesterday because the box wasn't its normal pink and I was a little worried that the wrong box got sent. Thankfully it was just one of their special boxes this ones theme was Gossip Girl and I must admit I do watch the show not for the substance of the show but as some mindless tv show and sometimes the clothes are really pretty. But let me show you what I received in my box for the month of May.

Color Club Nail Polish 
So far I have loved the headband and ordered more colors, and I love the gold nail polish. I haven't loved the perfumes that they have put in the boxes but maybe thats because I love my 4 go to scents and haven't changed them in 2 years. The note card is cute and I have already sent it off to a friend won't they be surprised. I haven't used the brush cleaner or the tinted lotion because I had two interviews last week and I didn't want to have some sort of rash on my face.

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