Friday, May 18, 2012

Missing your Golden Retriever

I know I wrote about her when she first passed away but she deserves a little more space on the blog. Casey died a couple of weeks ago and it has been challenging to write about her. She was our first rescue golden after our Cali passed away, it is strange for her not be at the house. We still have Vinnie but it feels like someone is missing. She was at least 10 when she came to us and we weren't sure how long we were going to get with her when she passed away she could've been anywhere from 14-16 years old which is amazing for a golden. I'm glad that we could be the family to give her the best last years. She is sorely missed but I'm sure she is busy picking a new furry friend for the family and Vinnie misses her keeping him in line. She was such the lady and so gentle except for when it came to treats, then all bets were off and she would chomp your hand. Casey also had the loudest tail of any dog I've had, she would slap it on the floor to make sure you knew she was there and she had this weird habit of licking the floor while dreaming. Have lost of happy memories with her. So here are some of my favorite pictures of her.

When we first got her 

Her favorite place on the bed 

Wondering how she got stuck with such a crazy boy 

Her favorite little boy 

My last photo of her angling to get a piece of mom's cupcake so highly motived by food 

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