Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Make-up

I'm really not much of a make up person, and the make up I ware is pretty simple compared to most. I also like to get makeup that has sunscreen in it so one less step. Usually when I'm in a rush I will just use the Jouer luminizing  moisture tint with SPF 20 for a nice glow. Then I use lemon aid which helps to hide dark circles and it should be put on before the jouer but I always seem to forget. Finished off with black great lash mascara by maybelline and Chapstick usually nivia brand (not pictured). On days where I'm not running out the door I take a little more time I put the bareMinerals primetime on first, followed by lemon aid. Then starts with color jouer tint, bareMinerals matte poweder, mineral veil, brush of bareMinerals bronzer. For the eyes I use two shades of purple and finish with maybelline mascara. To complete the look I use marykay lipgloss. I also have to say that birchbox is helping me to try new things with my makeup  

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