Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas at My House 2010

We decorated the Tree only two days before Christmas this year. For some reason we kept putting it off. Dad and Vinnie put the lights up but Vinnie got a little tangled in the lights. So Dad had to finish putting them around the tree. He loves the colored lights.

We had a very slow day on Christmas, we didn't start opening presents till 10am because my brother wanted to sleep in. But Vinnie was very excited to get the day started and was hamming it up for the camera while we were waiting.

Once my brother got up we did stockings. Here is a picture of the sleepy head with the tree and Vinnie. The tree is very sparse this year becuase we decided to do a relaxed christmas since no family was coming in this year. I have to say it was kind of nice not to go to crazy.

I think Vinnie is afraid their are no presents for him

After the stockings we divided up the presents and here is a photo of most of the presents. My Mom always has the most. I think that happens because she is so easy to buy for. Dad on the other hand is so hard because he never tells you what he wants, you just have to try and read his mind.

Here is a picture of one of the tags that I had drawn. I had made a different one for each person that I gave a gift to. I also love to wrap using real ribbon to wrap the presents.

Vinnie was worn out by the time it got to opening his presents. He and Casey got fun new cookies and toys without the stuffing in them.
I love our red glasses that we use on Christmas Day for eggnog and Kahlua or Harveys Bristol Cream. Which is such a fun way to open presents.


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