Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Favorite things in June

My Favorite things in June

1. I'm always switching bags up because some are cuter then others, but I keep coming back to this Filson Bag it may look small but it fits a ton in it. The bag is great for the summer because its made of a more breathable material then leather. Its great when your walking around b/c you can sling it over your shoulder or put it across your chest so its more secure. There are so many pockets inside of the bag you can really organize everything and it has a zipper pocket that a wallet fits in nicely.

2. My nook from b&n is a must have for the summer because I always seem to be on the go running from here to there. I'm always reading whenever I get a chance, so its nice having 25 books with me. I have a really cute cover for mine, it sits in my hands or lap just like a book. I can't believe how easy it is to read with it and easier on your eyes then the iPad. Don't get me wrong I love my iPad but just not for reading, to stressful on the eyes.

3. Sperry Top-siders, I have wanted a pair for as long as I can remember because my mom use to have a pair and they always looked so comfy. These shoes are great on rainy days when you want to look cute and not slip. I always seem to have this problem of slipping on floors when my shoes are wet. I love the platinum color because it goes with almost any casual outfit I could put together. Once broken in these shoes are amazing. They almost make me want to learn how to sail.

4. Jouer is my go to make up in the am, its light weight easy to put on, has sunscreen and evens out me skin tone really well. I first was introduced to this product with my birchbox subscription back in March and I haven't stopped using it since. I'm not a huge make up person but, I still like to look pretty and flawless, so this has been a great product.

5. Lately I have been obsessed with the band fun. I'm totally going to buy all their albums. They have such a funky sound and different layers to the music, its hard to stop listening. They are a New York based alternative band and best known for the song "we are young".

6. I summer must sunglasses, I have totally jumped on the band wagon of RayBands and I couldn't be happier. These sunglasses are amazing, I don't just wear them on sunny days but some of those weird cloudy days and they give you the definition needed to see better. They are also great at the pool they stay on really well and cut the glare of the water.

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